The human experience

Sweet Home Chicago! The architecture, the people, the festivals, the lake, the music....oh how I love this town.

I love the ability to capture a moment and an emotion. We are all so different yet unified in the beauty that is life.

"Nature is a haunted house--but Art--is a house that tries to be haunted." - Emily Dickinson

my story

What Inspires me the most....


My city

When There's nothing left to burn you have to set yourself on fire


Nora Kate Paints

I have been an Artist all my life. I spent most of my childhood in the suburbs of Atlanta Georgia but I consider Dixon Illinois my hometown. After High school I attended Northern Illinois University and received my bachelors degree in Fine arts. After living and painting hundreds of murals in Chicago, I moved back to my Dixon where I currently reside.  My life is busy but I love busy. I never stop moving and I never stop taking on new challenges. My desire and passion to create is a blessing and sometimes a curse.  If I'm not painting on a wall, you can find me either working in my studio, managing Hairy Cow Brewing Company or somewhere playing Disc Golf. Miraculously, I still manage to have great friends and a wonderful, supporting family. An easy way to keep up with my where-abouts is by 'liking' my facebook artist page   I am very blessed that my life continues to be filled with Love, Music, Humor and Art! 

​Love, Paint, Freedom...forever!